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name: Unsearch 3.0
date: okt 2001
type: searchengine
description: unsearch the L-Foundation project
name: artcart pieces
date: 24 Mar 2000
type: text & shockwave (director)
description: strategy to sell net art
name: crgb audio scratching v. 3.0
date:26 feb 2000
type: javascript & javaapplet
description: html based audio visual instrument
name: FF00FF remixes 2000
date: 7 jan 2000
type: html, mp3, quicktime, flash
description: famous netart pieces remixed
date: okt 1999
type: text & director (shockwave)
description: artists piece for the Dutch net and printed artmagazine Kunstlicht. The printed part consists of a log that describes the proces of the making of the net- piece
name: dunkbau
date: may 1999
type: text & director (shockwave)
description: work for an almost forgotten net
art squat of SMAK museum, Gent, Belgium
name: clickclub
date: 1996-2001
type: html, dhtml, quicktime, flash
shockwave (director), vrml
description: click environment
name: d-toy 2.502.338
date: march 1999
type: flash
description: soundengine for VPRO lifesavers program
name: enlightmentroom #72b
date: march 1998
type: flash, gif
description: presentation of flash soundengines
name: 3012
date: 1997-1999
type: shockwave (director)
description: experiments with sound & images

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