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name: Secondary Colors
updated: 31 march 2004
type: triptych
more info: secondary colors

name: measurement
date: 19 february 2004
type: flash & photoshop plugins
description: window stage and picture measurement
name: window
date: 15 november 2003
platform: Windows 95/NT/98/ME/2000/XP
type: windows executeable
size: 4 kb zip file
name: Eduardo Navas Interviews Peter Luining
date: 15 november 2003
type: text
description: interview
name: 360 rotatable
date: 18 september 2003
type: flash
description: soundengine
name: 7.7
date: 03 september 2003
type: flash
description: sound engine
special: standalone version 159 kb zip file (windows only)
name: flash grid based sequencers
updated: 26 august 2003
type: flash
description: series of ultra small (bytesize) flash mx based sequencers
flash mx source: available
name: L-Foundation collection (rebuild 127)
date: 14 july 2003
type: shockwave (director)
description: experimental shockwave soundengines
name: rationalizer 04
date: 09 july 2003
platform: Windows/ Mac 9.0 or Mac OSX
description: make audio visual compositions with artificial lifeforms
type: shockwave (director)

director 8.5 source: available
05 june 2003
Windows/ Mac 9.0
description: 12 standalone sound- engines
special: owners of the cd-rom click here

* 12 standalone sound engines original released as cd-rom in 2000. The cd-rom was amongst others presented at EMAF (Osnabruck) & Sonar (Spain).
name: znc browser
date: 17 feb 2003
type: standalone software (win & mac OSX)
description: browser that translates html into ascii numbers which in turn are translated in sound and color. Since 21 march 03 there's also a page where special made urls can be submitted.

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